Saturday, October 13, 2018

Smoked Fort Worth 10/13/18

sampled 10/13/18

The Smoked Dallas crew have branched out a few miles west to put on the first Smoked Fort Worth.  With 5 years in Dallas under their belt, they put on a predictably well organized first edition in Cowtown.  The weather forecast was dire, but they made up for it by promising a 100% chance of BBQ.

We drove through a good gully washer headed over to The Stockyards, but when we pulled up in the parking lot the rain stopped.  We had head to toe rain gear but it never rained more than a drip after about 12:30.  Unfortunately, Scott had gotten there earlier (he was 3rd in line) and he got soaked.  Timing is everything!
We cued for the que and they let us in right at 1 pm.  As usual we took our beer boxes and made the rounds, gathering a bunch of boats before sitting down to the tasting.  They had seating inside and tall tables outside and we used both at various times.  Only two lines got long during the VIP golden hour, Black's and Meat Church. Black's had their usual tasty brisket and a peach sausage combo.  Meat Church offered shredded brisket tacos and chicken fried burnt ends.
Overall the BBQ was excellent and my Mrs agreed we didn't have a bad bite all day.  Barrel and Bones was, once again, the only joint to offer a pork rib.  Kudos to them.  There was lots of brisket and sausage, all of it excellent.
Those trying to stand out by being different offered chili (one of them had beans! Oh no!), pastrami, smoked meatloaf, prime rib, burnt end poppers, and Cattleack had their tasty Que-T-Pies.
Heim had their usual bacon burnt ends and upped the game by later adding a tray of home made Mac and Cheese.
Another fun BBQ day and congrats to the Smoked crew for dodging a SECOND major predicted rain event. Personally, I think it was due to me donning all my rain gear.  It works the same way when I am out on a boat fishing.