Saturday, February 23, 2019

More weird BBQ chips from South Africa

Scott always finds weird BBQ chips in South Africa to bring back.  These didn't taste anything like spare ribs to me.  Now I am wondering if they have brisket and sausage flavor.  Holy trinity chips!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cowtown Brewing Company, Fort Worth

Sampled 2/20/19

We have been driving past this place for a few months on our way to another brewery and I finally found a good excuse to make a dedicated trip.  In addition to craft beer, they serve craft BBQ which they make in a food truck outside on their patio.  Everything is made in house, even the sausage, and that is usually a good sign.  Their official grand opening is March 2, 2019.

I ordered a 2 meat plate, but I messed up the order (my fault) and ended up getting two types of sausage along with my sides of mac and cheese and skillet potatoes.  I added a quarter pound of brisket and baby back ribs to get a taste of everything.  My Mrs got the brisket tacos.  Unfortunately they had just run out of their bacon wrapped jalapenos.  Next time.
The jalapeno cheese sausage was really nice, almost Kreuz quality. I got some good heat from the generous jalapeno pieces and a nice moist, beefy flavor from the sausage.  The casing was just a little tough, but the good flavor was there.  The black pepper sausage was tasty, also, but could have used a bit more pepper to my taste.  It was also moist and beefy.
The brisket from the fatty end came out in a single thick slice, which usually means it is overcooked.  Yup, it was, but not terribly so.  It wasn't mushy,  but it crumbled a bit when sliced with a plastic knife.  Smoke flavor seemed to be concentrated around the bark without much penetration.  The fat was well rendered and juicy.

The baby backs had a dry rub and were tasty.  The meat left a perfect bite mark.  I just wish they had been spare ribs.  Next time I will definitely get more ribs.

The sides were good, but nothing I would rave over.  I did like their house made pickles.  I could have used a few more of those and some more onions with my dinner.

My Mrs's brisket tacos were tasty but the slightly overcooked brisket was a bit mushy in those.

We heard good things about the brisket chili and the brisket queso, but those will have to wait for another visit.  We shall make more visits.  While their BBQ is pretty good for a brewery, their beers are excellent.  I think next time I shall find another designated driver!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Red Dirt Tix are on sale

Whew, after 10 minutes of refresh and disappointment, I finally hooked our VIP tickets.  Very annoying to finally get a ticket selection box, select 3 VIP tickets, hit checkout, then be told "those tickets are no longer available".  4 times.  Grrrrrr.  Maddening.

Right now they have 26 joints listed including a bunch of Texas Monthly top 50 joints.  Always one of our favorite events of the year.  I just wish they would offer their previous customers a jump on the ticket sales, like Houston does.  They are limiting ticket purchases per transaction to 4 this year.