Wednesday, November 28, 2018

7th annual Houston BBQ Fest tickets on sale

Pre-sale tickets for the April 14, 2019 festival are on sale now.  Looks like the event will be back at the Humble Civic Center, which was a great site last year.  I grabbed my VIP tickets.  We will be 7 for 7!

I wish more BBQ events would provide their previous attendees a pre-sale bargain.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Blues, Bandits, and BBQ 2018, Oak Cliff

Another fun afternoon at Kidd Springs Park in Oak Cliff with 45 competition BBQ teams and some very good blues bands onstage.
Not all of the 45 teams competed in the People's Choice award, but most did.  For just $25 your blue wristband allowed you to sample from about 35 teams.  Pulled pork sliders and tacos were common, but there was some tasty brisket, sausage, and a few ribs.
Several booths featured pork belly burnt ends and they were one of my favorites at this event.  There also was some nice homemade sausage and a smoked meatball stuffed with cheese that was awesome.  In the end my voting token went to a team with the best pork belly burnt end.  I even went back for a second sample and it was just as good as the first.
The pork belly above may have been the best BBQ bite I had all year long.  That's saying something considering this was our 8th BBQ festival of 2018.  It was served fresh from the pit and the fat turned to gravy when you bit down on it.  Scrumptious.
Smoked lemonade was the most creative item I have seen in awhile.  They slice and smoke the lemons, then make lemonade.  It wasn't bad and you could definitely taste the smoke flavor.

I still feel this event is one of the best bargains on the BBQ circuit.  It's just the right size, not too overcrowded, and at just $25 for 35 BBQ samples it is definitely a deal.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ruby's BBQ sale at Antones

Ruby's closed last year and they are selling some of the memorabilia and art that adorned their walls for many years on Saturday, November 10th from 4 pm to 9 pm at Antones nightclub in Austin.