Saturday, March 2, 2019

Heim Barbecue, Fort Worth

sampled 2/28/19

I had some old college friends visiting who I had not seen in 25 years so I decided to have a nice BBQ spread.  Instead of heading east to Pecan Lodge I headed west to Heim in Fort Worth.  I had never visited their brick and mortar before, but the fact that they had a To-Go window looked easier than the scrum for the Express line at Pecan Lodge.  It was definitely easier and I didn't even have to pay to park.

I may have overdone it, slightly, getting 15 pounds of meat for just 5 people, but I figured I could send some home with our friends and the rest we could freeze for later happiness.  I got one whole brisket, and 2 pounds each of jalapeno cheddar sausage, ribs, bacon burnt ends, and brisket burnt ends.
The meat was a big success and I had plenty left over for later.  Thanks Heim!