Sunday, August 30, 2020

Brisket smoke 8/30/20


Brisket went on sale again this week for $1.77/lb for choice Angus beef.  That seemed like a pretty good deal so my Mrs snagged a 13 lber and we gave it the usual treatment.  I took off about 2 lbs of fat before splitting to go on our little bullet smoker.  The last couple of briskets we have smoked ranked up there with the $20-$25/lb brisket we have been getting at our favorite Q joints.  Hopefully we won't mess this one up.

When we got up this morning, early, to start smoking we were surprised to find it raining.  The weather guessers missed again.  We decided to smoke for 6 hours this evening and finish wrapped in the oven overnight.  After 6 hours on the smoker, this is what we had.

These were tightly wrapped in aluminum foil, then into a 225 degree oven for another 6 hours.
We got up this morning and put the wrapped brisket in a towel lined cooler (Vencil Mares' old trick) and went back to bed.  It was still hot when we got up later, so we let it cool down a bit before slicing.  We are very happy with the results.  

A little heat, some oak and pecan, finish in the oven, and you can turn $1.77 lb brisket into $20/lb brisket.  We'll be eatin' high on the cow for a week or so.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Support Your Local BBQ joint, Green's Texas Bar B Que 8/8/20


Scott was going to be over in this part of DFW on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go to Green's.  Silly boy, of course!  I got there a little after 10:30 and was 8th in line.  I loaded up with 10 orders of pork belly bites, a pound of brisket and sausage, a couple of brisket biscuits, and a bottle of sauce.  All very delicious.  I won't be surprised if he makes the next Texas Monthly top 50.  Even though he is only open for 4 hours each week.  It's that good!