Monday, August 16, 2021

More ribs, 8/14/21


Most of our rib cook last week went to a party.  They were so good I decided we needed some for us.  My Mrs picked up 2 more racks while they were still on sale for $1.94/lb.  They sat in the fridge until Saturday when we smoked them.

As usual, a quick trim was all that was needed.  The back flap and a few other snacky bits were retained for meat candy.  After trim each rack was cut in half to fit in our little bullet smoker. All were seasoned with North Main BBQ All N 1 seasoning.  

Into the smoke they went for 4 hours.  After a thorough smoking, the halves were pulled from the smoker and a thick layer of  Green's Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce was slathered on.  Next they were tightly wrapped in foil and into a 250 degree oven for another hour. 

They came out moist, tender, and delicious.  We ate about half a rack and put the rest in the fridge to warm up this week.  They warm up great!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Rib Time 8/7/21


Ribs are on sale for $1.94/lb so it's time to fire up the smoker again. Most of these will go with my wife to a party this afternoon, but I'll save half a rack for quality control purposes.  These didn't require a lot of trimming but I did save the flaps and a bit of trimmed meat from an extra piece of backbone for snacky bits.  I leave the membrane on the back because I'm lazy, plus there's not much meat there anyway.  A liberal dusting with North Main BBQ All N 1 seasoning and into the smoke they went.  These were nice large spare ribs and they barely fit into our little smoker.  We figure 4 hours with pecan and oak smoke, then an hour in the oven to finish.  

After 4 hours in the smoker with lots of good oak and pecan smoke we found this on the top rack.  
We pulled the ribs, coated with Green's Honey Chipolte BBQ sauce, wrapped tightly in foil, then into a 250 degree oven for another hour.  

After an hour in the oven the desired tenderness was spot on.  A quick sample found the ribs moist,  tender, and delicious.  Since most of these went over to a party with my Mrs, we may smoke another couple of racks later this week, just for us!