Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Southwest Market /Woody's, San Marcos

This joint has a weird story. It seems to go by two names, Southwest Market and Woody's BBQ. Neither name is on the sign outside the non-descript industrial looking building. The sign that is out there says "mesquite smoked BBQ", yet there is an awful big pile of oak piled up outside the pits. If you read about the place online, you'll find that this place was bought by one of the cooks at Smitty's after the big family squabble that resulted in the split of Kreuz and Smitty's. If you call them on the phone, they answer "Woody's", but the official name is supposedly Southwest Market. We stopped by at lunch time on September 17.

Man, this was some good eatin'! I don't care what they call this place, there is some great BBQ here. The brisket was outstanding. As good as anything at Black's or Luling City Market, which is top of the heap in my book. Very tender and wonderful smoky flavor throughout. The hot links were spicy and not too dry, not too greasy. Just perfect. The only miss on this trip were the ribs. They were downright onery things. Chewy as boot leather. There was good flavor in there, it just took a whole lot of work to grind it out. Probably just a bum rack that had been on the grate too long. Sides were average. Definitely worth a stop for the brisket alone, but we'll be back and give those ribs another shot.

They have really a strange sign. I know they just "inherited " it, but I wonder why they have a fish doing the grilling. Pretty weird.


  1. Here's the deal:

    It was originally Woody's BBQ. He retired but still owned the building. Rey (i think that was his name) was the sausage meister at Kreuz's. He got fed up with the Schmidt family feud, leased the building in San Marcos and opened Southwest Market. Woody decided a few years later that he wanted to unretire so he didn't renew the SW Market lease, retook the building and reopened Woody's BBQ. That's what went down.

  2. Oh yeah, it has a fish on the sign because back when it was Woody's 1.0, he had an all-you-can-eat deal everyday. Fridays was fried catfish. Wednesdays was fajitas. Don't remember the other days of the week.