Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr. B's Barbecue, Grand Saline, Texas

I spotted this likely looking joint on the way out to Lake Fork. When my fishin' guide also recommended it, I made sure to stop on the way home.

From the outside it looks like your average "good ol' joint", complete with a parking area full of pickups and a hearty aroma of wood smoke wafting around from the back. Inside a nice little lady took my order and shortly came back with a plate full of food for $12. The ribs were massive and at first I thought they might have been beef ribs. Nope, just big pork ribs. Most of each rib was pretty tender without any noticeable smoke flavor. They were piping hot, fresh off the grill. A few spots were chewy, but there was a lot of pig to eat and it was pretty tasty. The brisket was plastic fork tender and easily fell apart when poked. While most of it got "sauced", a little excavating showed only a little smoke ring on an unsauced sample. There was almost no smoke flavor, either, which was somewhat disappointing considering the generous amount of wood smoke outside. The hot links were standard East Texas hot links in the bright red casing. Not very spicy and more like big hot dogs. The tater salad was a nice tangy mustard variety and pretty tasty. The sauce was an average tomato sauce of the sweet variety.

Overall this was just a "good ol' joint". I'll probably stop by on future trips and get a pound of brisket, but I'll bring my own sauce. It needs it. I bet a sliced brisket sandwich from here would be just great with some spicy sauce. I'll let ya know. :)

I stopped by again on my next trip to Lake Fork and bought a pound and a half of their sliced brisket. It was as tender and moist as my first trip but still needed sauce for flavor. My choice this time was Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and that combo made for some dynamite sandwiches.

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