Monday, February 14, 2011

Lockhart Smokehouse, Dallas (Oak Cliff), Texas

visited 2/14/11 about 11 am

Well happy Valentines day to ME!  Since it is the day for lovers and mine is out of town, I decided to devote some time to my mistress, BBQ!  I finally got a chance to make the trek over to Oak Cliff to try the much anticipated Lockhart Smokehouse and got in a bonus run as well.

I arrived about 11 am and, after a short wait in line, I moseyed over to my table to enjoy 1/4 lb each of brisket and shoulder clod, a couple of ribs, and a Kreuz jalapeno cheese ring.  The shoulder was excellent. Tender, smoky, moist and just firm enough to make a good chew.  The brisket was not quite as good.  It lacked smoke flavor and the fat was not completely rendered, in fact it was a bit stringy and chewy.  The ribs had nice flavor, kind of salty, but were also under done and very chewy. They looked tough when I watched them cut them and that knife did not lie.  The jalapeno ring was just as good as in Lockhart.  Warmed up perfectly with that great Kreuz flavor intact. You'd never know that sausage came by Fed Ex from over 250 miles away!

It's going to be awhile before the locals have this joint figured out.  While I was there several asked for sauce and forks.  They have a nice new T-shirt with the motto:  Wood, Fire, Meat, Beer, but you have to get back in line at the counter to get one.  I would think they'd do better selling those at the bar.  Though they might not smell as good.

Total price for this feast was $17.10 with water to drink and 4 slices of white bread and some pickles in the package.  If the ribs and brisket had been better, it would have been worth the price.  Considering I can get as good or better (minus the Kreuz link) 2 miles from my house at $12 for all you can eat, it may be awhile before I drag over to Oak Cliff again.  At least for this place!

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