Friday, October 14, 2011

Black's frozen brisket

Last month, I picked up some bargain frozen brisket at Black's in Lockhart for just $6 a pound.  I finally got around to thawing out a chunk and had it for dinner last night with some Kreuz jalapeno cheese sausage.  Now I wish I had bought more!  The freezing didn't hurt things a bit as the brisket was full of smoke flavor and the fat was melt in your mouth delicious.  I need a bigger freezer!!

I assume this is just brisket that is left over after business that they just cut up and package and freeze in 1 pound chunks for mail order sale.  I guessing after a certain time in the freezer, they discount it.  I do hope I am lucky enough to run into that situation again, sometime!!  It makes for some good eatin'.

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