Thursday, January 19, 2012

Franklin Barbecue, Austin, Texas 1/19/12

Only my second BBQ meal of 2012 and I get to eat at my favorite place.  Oh, and it gets even better!  The lines and wait time at Franklin BBQ are legendary and this trip was no exception.  We arrived at 9:50 am, a full hour and 10 minutes before opening, and were number 15 and 16 in line.  By the time the doors were opened at 11 am, there were more than 60 people waiting.  Yes, it is insane, but so is the BBQ.  It was a beautiful day for January, temperature in the 70's, so waiting outside was no problem.

As the doors opened, mumbles of "the gates of heaven are opening" were heard and the outside line became an inside line. 
After about another 15 minutes, we finally got our chance to order and I scored 1/2 pound of fatty brisket and a couple of pork ribs.  I'm still getting the hang of my new pocket camera but even if I was an "arteest" I could not convey to you how great this was.  It was "stand-in-line-waiting-1-hour-and-25-minutes" good.  I'd gladly do it again tomorrow, but now I don't have to!  You will have to see the next post for the details there. 

Sadly, this day was the swan song for the legendary Dublin Dr Pepper which has been on tap at Franklin.  They were on their last supply of syrup and when it is gone there will be no more.  Fitting that I had my last Dublin D.P. at Franklin, a place that recognizes and produces greatness.  R.I.P. Dublin D.P.!

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