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Four Corners Brewery, Dallas, sampled 11/17/13

After missing out last year, Scott got very lucky and scored us VIP tix to Meat Fight this year.  We heard the event sold out in just 6 minutes.  Scott managed to log on at exactly the right time and squeaked in at just the right moment.  Thank you Scott!   This is a benefit event held annually pitting various high end chefs against each other in brisket, sausage, ribs, and a bonus meat.  They are organized into teams of 4 chefs with each chef responsible for one meat.  Real BBQ pit masters, other "experts", and celebrities choose the winners.  I have opined previously that I'd rather have the judges do the cooking and my opinion has not changed.  The website is here:
Our VIP tickets allowed us entry 1 hour before the hoi polloi and Scott and I showed up about 45 minutes early as we thought parking might be an issue.   We were plenty early and there was no pre-entry line like there is at the Texas Monthly fest.  This is also a much smaller event, 500 or so.  Scott inquired if we could go ahead on into the shade and, after the gate keepers checked, we were allowed in almost 30 minutes before the VIP gates officially opened. There was no food ready for patrons but the judges were already in action tasting and scoring the meats.  However our VIP tickets gave us free bar privileges at the Four Corners bar and I quickly availed myself of their excellent porter.  Something I did several more times through the afternoon!
The meat finally started coming out to the VIP patrons about 4:20 and our first sample came from the Cool Arrows team.  All 3 meats were outstanding.  Great smoke flavor in the brisket, fat rendered perfectly, tender and moist.  The rib and sausage were just as excellent.  Never did see the 4th "meat" which turned out to be salmon.  Now I'm sorry, you can smoke salmon, you can grill salmon, but it is NOT smoked meat so it is NOT BBQ.  It's fish.  Case closed.  The other 2 teams had salmon but who cares?
Our second sample came from the Notorious P.I.G. team.  Hmmm, seems somebody has been to the pig races at the state fair!  Doesn't matter because both their brisket and ribs were undercooked and a bit on the chewy side.  The brisket was straight out roast beefy.  The sausage had some salad stuff on it.  What's up with that?  Bringing vegetables to a meat fight??  Moving on.
The third samples came from the Meatallica Team.  Once again both brisket and rib were undercooked and a bit tough.  The rib was beautiful, but the bite told the tale.  The sausage was good, but not up to the first sample we had. 
There was a very clear winner in all 3 categories to our taste and the Cool Arrows took all 3.  It was not even close.  I had to sneak out early so I didn't see the winners presentation, but I do hope they went home with all of these.
In addition to meats, there were a few other booths with samples as well.  The pies, maple donuts with bacon, and popsicles were all excellent.
I had a great time and I hope Scott or I get lucky again next year.  I know we'll be online trying!  The event raised over $50,000.  Not bad for a bunch of carnivores.

Another post below features some more photos.  As always, click on any photo for a larger view.

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