Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yazoo BBQ company, Denver, Colorado

sampled 7/22/14 about 11 am

Had a quick trip to Denver this week and managed to scout one BBQ joint while visiting.  This is a 2 restaurant chain in Denver and the downtown location was just a  few blocks from the hotel.  I showed up just a little before noon and found the doors still locked.   Hmmm.  I know they were supposed to be open at 11.  Then I remembered my watch was still on Central time and all became clear.  I found a shady spot on the sidewalk and waited a few minutes for 11 am Mountain time. 

Sure enough, once I got the time zone right, they opened right on time and the few of us waiting outside moseyed in for our lunch.  I ordered the rib special (which is supposed to be 4 ribs and 2 sides) plus 1/4 pound of sliced brisket.  As I moved down to pay I was informed there was no longer a rib special so what I got was a half a rack of ribs.  Never believe what you read on their website, I guess.  Yes, it is still there today.
For sides I had the cheesy fried potato casserole which mysteriously does not appear on their menu.  My brisket also got chopped to death, even though I asked for sliced.  Poor sad brisket.  I feel your pain.
The ribs were pretty nice.  Good pork flavor with no hint of rub or sauce.  Also no hint of smoke flavor.  They were tender and moist with a good bite mark.  The poor chopped brisket had the simple flavor of roast beef and appeared to have every scrap of fat trimmed away before the mayhem ensued.  I tried both their sweet and hot sauce and that did help out the brisket a bit.  I liked the potato casserole but it needed a bit of spice to jazz it up. 

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