Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Longoria's BBQ, Fort Worth, Texas, 8/2/14

sampled about 11:30 am
Another Texas Monthly Top 50 joint on Scott's hit list he can now scratch off the list.  On ordering I noticed they had an ingenious way of sending their food orders to the back room for preparation.  They have little plastic coated cards with all their food items on them and they simply circle with a dry erase marker and hand them back.  Easy peasy.  After waiting a few minutes and admiring the cool reproductions of Republic of Texas currency embedded in the table, a nice lady brought our food and the eating began.
Straight away we noticed the brisket was undercooked.  It failed a pull-apart test and was definitely springy and tough.  No smoke flavor, either.  The ribs were much better with nice smoke flavor, tender, moist, and with a nice bite mark.  The sausage had nice flavor but was a bit dry.  I had french fries as a side and they came out nice and hot with a coating of seasoned salt with a bit of sugar added.  Interesting!  I think I will experiment with that at home.  The ribs were the winner here but the brisket was a disappointment.
It was interesting to note this was the first BBQ joint where we had seen James Dean on the wall.  Usually it's John Wayne, Gary Cooper, or Hank Williams.

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