Monday, July 11, 2016

More back yard ribs

sampled 7/10/16
Since we enjoyed the ribs we smoked for the party my wife attended so much, I asked her if we should do some more for us the next day.  She agreed.  Unfortunately, when she went to two different Aldi's (which had ribs on sale), they only had one rack available.  Not wanting to just smoke one rack, she got another rack at Albertson's for a little more and we were on.  The difference was the more expensive rack was fully trimmed down to just the spare ribs.  Plus they were smaller spares.  Oh well, might as well get full use out of those coals and smoke.  Especially since most was going into the fridge for later anyway.
We followed the same methods we did on Saturday.  I trimmed down the large untrimmed rack, kept the belly meat, and gave everything a generous coating of North Main All N 1 seasoning.  We loaded up the coals and added oak and pecan from our yard.
Then into the smoker for 3 hours.  My Mrs noted the smoker was running a little hotter than on Saturday, but we kept the cooking times the same.
After 3 hours we had some nice smoked meats.  Next they were wrapped well in foil and into the oven at 250 for another hour and 15 minutes for some tendering.  After that, I slathered on some Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and they went back into the oven for another hour at 150.
The result was some very nice candy ribs.  The sweet of the DP sauce with the spicy and salt of the North Main rub made for some scrumptous eating.  Moisture and tenderness were excellent but they were just a tad overcooked as the bones slipped out easily.  Still, better than chewy ribs.  Good smoke flavor, too.
After eating a few too many, the remainder went into the fridge to enjoy for the rest of this week.
I had some again tonight with some of Vencil Mares' brisket and some Kreuz jalapeno cheese sausage and I can report that the result was one very happy tummy.  I plan to repeat that several more times this week!  When I took the lid off the rib container that had been in the fridge for a day I could still smell the smoke.  Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

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