Sunday, November 3, 2019

Blues, Bandits, and BBQ 2019

Always a fun event and admission of just $25 for tasting tickets is one of the biggest bargains on the BBQ Fest circuit.  It was a beautiful Fall day and the crowd seemed a bit larger than usual.
There seemed to be fewer cookers competing this year.  I think temperatures in the 30's the night before may have weeded out some of the participants.
The food this year was also weaker than usual.  There were a few good samples, several pork belly bites, some chicken, and pulled pork, but the brisket, sausage, and tacos were decidedly average.  Only one pork rib was offered and it was average, too.
Still, a beautiful day, some beer, and lots of different BBQ made for a fun day and a full belly.  We will certainly be back again next year, but hopefully the weather is a little worse and the food is a little better!

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