Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Now that we live in "interesting times" it's important to remember and support your favorite local BBQ joint.  Many are staying open for pick-up or drive through orders.  Try to buy some BBQ once a week!  Get a whole brisket and share it with your neighbors.  You can also call them before you go and they may even go in with you on your order.  Get a rack of ribs and take some to an elderly neighbor.  Mail order some sausage or beef ribs!  Great BBQ warms up well in the microwave.  Brisket and sausage freeze well, too.

We'll get through this Chinese curse.  Make sure your favorite BBQ joint makes it, too!  Eat BBQ (at least) once a week and we'll all be happier.  We can do it!  Stay safe, but eat well!

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