Friday, July 8, 2022

Zavala's BBQ, Grand Prairie 7/8/22

sampled 7/8/22 about noon

I have had Zavala's food at a couple of BBQ fests but this was my first time to make a visit to the restaurant.  We waited outside for about 30 minutes, fortunately in the shade, on a toasty July day.  I grabbed the usual Texas trinity but doubled up on the sausage with jalapeno cheese and brisket sausage.  I also grabbed some of their brisket poppers, which I have loved at fests.
I couldn't taste any smoke flavor in anything, maybe due to the heavy use of pepper in their rub, but it was all cooked well and tasty.  The ribs and brisket were both perfectly cooked and very juicy.  The poppers were just as good as I had remembered.  There was not much left other than some bones and a greasy spot.
I had hoped the line would go down enough I could get some more poppers to go, but it was not to be.  This time.  Fortunately, you can pre-order and pick up before 11 am and skip the line.  That will probably be my plan next time.  Also, be aware they do not take cash.

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