Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruby's BBQ, Austin

Sampled 1/18/11 about 5:30 pm


After a small fire shut them down a few weeks ago, we had to go by Ruby's to see that everything is alright.  It is NOT alright!  They no longer serve their wonderful fried potatoes.  The lady behind the counter said the fried potatoes had caused the fire and were no longer on the menu.  I said "Don't blame the potatoes!!" but, alas, their potato anger continues and they are now mashing them.  I guess when someone mashes their finger they will blame the potatoes.  Oh well.  A sad day at the loss of one of the greatest side dishes I have had at any BBQ joint anywhere.

Despite my breaking heart over the loss of their wonderful side, I knew their brisket would make up for it so I settled on a brisket plate with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.  The brisket was pretty good, as usual, but a tad dry (I bet the potatoes are to blame).   It was tender with decent smoke flavor.  The mashed spuds were ok, but no rave-up.  The mac and cheese was pretty pathetic.  Don't bother.

I'll be back at Ruby's again, but I will always be begging for those fried potatoes.

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