Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rib-N part 2

Alrighty, things are moving along.  I soaked some yard timber (oak and pecan) and some store bought (hickory) while things were marinating.  After about a 3 hour soak in the marinade, I coated both sets of ribs with a mix of Obie-Que's Sweet Rub and Obie-Que's Sweet N' Heat.  Remember, one set has soaked in marinade, the other has not.  As I waited for the rub to set in, I got the coals going and then set on the smoker to get it heated up. 

Once I got the rig up to temperature, I put the smaller half-racks on the lower rack and the bigger portions on the top rack.  I added some of the soaked wood, closed her up, and now I just sit back and let it do its thing for the next two hours.

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