Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rib-N part 3

Oohh, now for the good part.  After 2 hours of smoking it was finally time to take the lid off the smoker.  Here's the top rack (marinated).

Here's the bottom rack.
Yes they do look yummy!  The next step is the tendering process.  Marinated ribs (top rack) on the left, plain (lower rack) on the right.

Each half slab was put in its own wrapping of heavy foil and liberally sprinkled with Obie-Cue rubs again.  Then a secret liquid was added, NOT apple juice!  Then everything was wrapped up tight and into the oven for another two hours at 250.
Yes, I did have to sneak a couple of bites and they were delicious, if a bit chewy.  Now the hard part, waiting for that ticking clock to tick by for another two hours!  I am starting to get hungry!!

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