Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another brisket, why not?


Why not, indeed.  They're still a bargain, on sale at $1.49/pound, so this time I smoked up a 14 pounder.  I do not claim to be a BBQ cook, more of a BBQ eater, but this messing around gives me even more appreciation of those who can do it right.

As this was a big boy for our little bullet smoker, I cut it in half and smoked the thick end on the bottom rack and the point end on the top rack.  Fat side up, un-trimmed and un-messed with, except for a thick rub down.  After 7 hours on the smoker, with lots of water-soaked pecan wood added, they got another rub down and went into the oven wrapped in foil at 250 for another 4 hours.  The result was moist and tender but still lacking the deep smoke flavor I crave.  Durn it! 

I have to say I noticed a big difference in the USDA select grade I smoked this time versus the choice grade I smoked last time.  That makes a very big difference.  I think I need to find me some USDA prime brisket, sometime. 

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