Thursday, June 30, 2011

Circle H Bar-B-Q & Grill, Emory, Texas

Visited 6/29/11 about 11:30 am

One of my fishing guides recommended this place for a stop so I checked it out at lunch time between fishing trips.  This joint is located near the intersection of US 69 and Texas 19 in Emory and is pretty easy to find.  It's just south of the intersection on 69 on the west side.  For lunch they have cafeteria style serving with a nice waitress who comes around and refills your tea and fetches sauce and fixin's if you need them.

For this meal I got a 3 meat plate with brisket, ribs, and Pittsburg hot links.  The brisket was tender and moist with well rendered fat but zero smoke flavor.  Sort of disappointing considering I had some of my wife's great smokey brisket in the fridge back at the motel.  The meat was helped a bit by their sauce, which was thin and sweet with a light vinegar base.  The ribs were a bit over-cooked to falling off the bone and were helped a bit by a sweet bark.  They were tasty, but nothing to make a special trip for.  This was the first time I had the Pittsburg hot links.  I had always thought they were the standard pink East Texas style, but these were little brown darlings.  They had a mushy consistency, almost like mashed potatos, and an interesting if unremarkable beef flavor.  There was nothing hot about them, either temperature or spice.  I'll stick to the standard pink ones given the option in the future.

Of the sides, the best was the green beans with a nice ham flavoring throughout.  The au gratin taters were average.  They had excellent sweet tea.  If I return I'll probably stick with a rib plate with a double helping of those green beans.

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