Monday, February 25, 2013

25 pounds of Franklin brisket!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem.  Yes, you read correctly 25 POUNDS!!  Yum!  My dear, dear, friend Dave in Austin used his usual magic and top secret methods to obtain 3 whole briskets from Franklin BBQ.  Our usual deal is he gets me two and I pay for his as a "handling fee".  It's a good deal for both of us  any way you look at it.  Well poor Dave's freezer is full so he only got to keep half a brisket. Darn the luck.  I was, of course, ready to take up the slack.  The last few briskets we've had from Franklins had been running 6 pounds or so.  This time they were monsters; 11 pounds, 10 pounds, and 8.25 pounds.  Not only did Dave grab all that poundage for us, but he kept it in his fridge overnight (since they were pre-sold-out on the day I arrived).  Then he drove them down to Lockhart to meet us and deliver.  Have I mentioned again what a GOOD friend Dave is?  Anyways, he also got dinner at Black's out of the deal (along with half a Franklin brisket) so we all came away grinning.  I grinned more. 

From Lockhart we had to head down to Beeville for my nephew's wedding and "the babies" stayed well iced down in two big coolers.  On our return this morning the fun of slicing and dicing for the freezer began.  Now the neat thing about cooling down your briskets, slicing, then freezing, is the slices retain every ounce of moisture.  Just a quick zap in the microwave and it is almost as good as fresh.  I have several days of good eatin' ahead and don't forget I also grabbed a box of jalapeno cheese sausage at Kreuz.  Yes, I have put extra chains on the freezer door and added extra rounds and shells to all my weapons.  At least for the next few weeks. 

Thanks again, Dave!!

Oh, and if anyone doesn't believe yet I'm certifiably crazy about BBQ, the last photo should be proof enough!!

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  1. Looks awesome, my brisket always comes out like cardboard! lol