Monday, March 25, 2013

Houston BBQ Festival, the trip down to Houston

Scott and I pulled out about 1 pm on Saturday, March 23 and headed down I-45 to Houston.  As usual, I was fasting the day before a big BBQ Fest but Scott wanted to stop at a few spots along the way, sample some meat, and collect some more to go.  I agreed, but only if I didn't have to go inside and smell all that BBQ!

The first stop was at the Alma Smokehouse, a little spot we had liked a lot a few years ago.  They were out of brisket then, so today Scott got a sliced brisket sandwich and we each got half a pound of sliced brisket to go.  Scott raved on the smoke flavor of his sandwich.  I sampled my to-go package a few days later and found the brisket average with no smoke flavor at all.

Our next two stops were in Huntsville.  Coincidently, I had received an e-mail from a reader the night before suggesting we try out McKenzie's BBQ in Conroe.  What a deal, I thought, we're driving right through Conroe the very next day.  Scott also wanted to hit New Zion in Huntsville.  In looking at the maps, I made the executive decision to hit the McKenzie's location In Huntsville rather than Conroe.  We got a pound of sliced brisket to go and Scott reported there was no smoke flavor and more of a roast beef taste.  My to-go sample was similarly nice "roast beef" that required sauce.
Onward to New Zion Missionary Baptist Church "Church BBQ".  This small volunteer-run joint has had a lofty reputation in the past but some feel it has slipped a bit.  We picked up a pound of sliced brisket to go and Scott declared it fantastic.  In fact, he ate his half a pound for dinner that night.  I sampled my to-go package a few days later and found light smoke flavor and fat that was not completely rendered.  No doubt all of my to-go packages would have been better fresh cut, but when you need room for sampling 15 BBQ joints the next day something's gotta give!

I love that the "Church BBQ" truck is in BBQ sauce red.  :)

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