Sunday, December 1, 2013

North Main BBQ, Euless, Tx 12/1/13

sampled 12/1/13

After 4 days in a row of outstanding Pecan Lodge brisket I had a need for a pork infusion.  Lucky for me it was on one of the 3 days a week my favorite local rib joint is open.  Best ribs in the world, as always.  Yummy yummy.  I don't know if they were using a new mayo base, or what was different, but their potato salad was extra creamy today, too.  I followed Rib Ryder's rules and Mr. Green lost money on me once again.
Addendum.  On another visit on 12/22 they confirmed they have a new potato salad supplier.  They said folks are actually coming in to buy tater salad by the quart.  It is much improved.

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