Monday, April 7, 2014

Black's BBQ Lockhart Texas, 4/7/14

sampled 4/7/14

Once again we opted to return from Houston via Lockhart, just because we could!  We made our usual pilgrimage to Black's and had better brisket there than at any of the 20 joints we sampled in Houston.  Just no comparison. The spare ribs were a little underdone but the jalapeno cheese sausage was tasty with a nice spicy kick.
I loaded up with an additional 6 pounds of Black's frozen brisket for my freezer for some good eating in the weeks ahead.

After Black's we made a stop by Kreuz Market where I grabbed another 25 jalapeno cheese rings for my freezer.  Yes, I now have a happy freezer.

The trip up the Pickle Parkway towards Dallas was enhanced by abundant bluebonnets blooming down the median and along both sides of the road for almost the entire length.  Our toll dollars at work!

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