Sunday, May 18, 2014

2nd annual Pitmaster's Picnic, Dallas

sampled 5/18/14, at Slow Bone BBQ, Dallas

This is the second annual pop-up restaurant benefit for Cafe Momentum hosted by Jack Perkins at Slow Bone BBQ in Dallas.  This one featured some fine pitmasters including Justin Fourtin from Pecan Lodge in Dallas, Stephen Joseph from Riverport BBQ in Jefferson, Nick Pencis from Stanley's Famous BBQ in Tyler, Wayne Mueller from Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor, along with Jack and his crew from Slow Bone.  This year's show was limited to 300 patrons and sold out in less than 36 hours.  My guess is it will go faster next year because the food was outstanding.

There was a large tent for eating and socializing along the north side of Slow Bone and the serving tents were set up along the south side.   Four Corners brewery served some of their excellent suds to go along with the Q and an Allman Brothers tribute band, the Almost Brothers, played some 70's rock to go along with the food.
Since this was a fairly small event and the lines for beer were long, the waits for Q were never very long.  Mainly because a lot of people were in line for beer.  Food service kicked off about 5:45 and I started out with some beef rib from Pecan Lodge.  Justin just slid the bone right out and chopped up small bites for everyone.  Succulent and tender with awesome smoke flavor.

I headed to Stanley's next and got an awesome pork rib and some wonderful brisket.  Scott and I will be visiting there again in June for a full meal.  I'm looking forward to that.
On to Louie Mueller's next where Wayne was serving up some of their excellent sausage.  Always a treat, though I was hoping they would have some of that nice peppery brisket, too.
Riverport BBQ was next and they were serving brisket and pulled pork.  They sliced off a burnt end just as I made the front of the line and I was happy to receive it on request.  It was outstanding.
Jack was offering little pulled pork sandwiches from Slow Bone with some tasty home made bread.
We finished things off with a delicious bacon maple donut!
A great finish to a beautiful day eating wonderful food for a good cause.

Click on the link at the top of the page to donate to Cafe Momentum and read about what they do.

A few more photos from the event in the post below.

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