Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, Dallas

Sampled 9/18/14 about 8 pm
Had a chance to go see the great LAZY LESTER perform at this joint tonight and lo and behold they offered smoked meats.  Somewhere I remember hearing The Snob had given them a passing grade so I thought I'd check it out while waiting for those great Excello sounds to appear onstage.  I ordered the brisket plate with mac and cheese with french fries and this is what I got.
I told the waitress those were the strangest looking french fries I had ever seen and she informed me that somehow I had gotten the mashed potatoes instead.  She offered to run them back and exchange them but I wasn't really that picky about it so I let them stay.  Right off the bat, when I picked up the brisket for the pull apart test I noticed the brisket was not hot.  Not even luke warm, really.  The brisket was stretchy and failed the pull apart test.  There was a nice salt and pepper rub and light smoke flavor but overall it was a bit chewy.  Not bad brisket, by any means, but the smoke and rub were defeated by the fact it was undercooked and cold.  Fat was poorly rendered and rubbery.  Probably a good thing it had almost all been trimmed away.  The sides were ok and much hotter than the brisket but certainly nothing to make the meal.  If I had a word to describe this meal it would be "meh".

Considering the excellent leftovers that still fill my fridge from Texas Monthly and other stops earlier this week I probably should have eaten at home.  However any place that is cool enough to bring Lazy Lester to town deserves my support and they'll continue to get it.  They will have to book a band I really want to see and next time I may have to try the chicken fried steak.

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