Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tons of Fun BBQ, Bartlett, Texas 9/13/14

sampled 9/13/14 about 3:30 pm
A note from a reader told me about this new place that has popped up in the spot formerly occupied by Perez BBQ in Bartlett. I was fasting in preparation for the 2014 Texas Monthly BBQ fest the next day, however Scott and I decided to stop by and get some Q to go for later sampling. There was a light rain outside but inside was dry, warm, and well lit and we found ourselves waiting behind another customer.  After some apologies from the carver for the wait, he asked if we liked pork ribs, then handed Scott and I each a rib to keep us busy.  Very nice ribs too.  When my turn came to order I asked for my usual 3 meat plate, sans sides.  He said he'd give me some extra meat since I was passing on the sides.  Nice!  He then pulled out a beautiful fresh brisket.  I remarked "That's so pretty I need a picture of that", and here it is.
He then proceeded to whack off an end piece and hand out samples to Scott, myself, and a lady who had come in behind us.  Once again, very nice, with some decent smoke flavor and plenty of moisture and tenderness.  He filled up my box with meat, a lot of meat, and I think the bill came to all of $17.  I think there was about 3 pounds of meat in that box.  
There was no place to eat inside and it was a bit too rainey to use their picnic tables so I retreated to the truck cab and sampled a bit more.  So much for my fast.  The brisket was just as yummy as the end piece I had with nice well rendered fat.  The ribs were just a little bit tougher than the one I had inside.  Not chewy, but a firm tug was needed to get the meat away. There was an interesting rub but neither Scott or I could pick out the flavor.  Nice though.  Sausage was average.

We both thought this spot has some good potential and we will try to get back for a full meal on a future trip.  As it was, most went into the cooler for later warm-up and consumption, which is never really a fair judgement of fresh.  

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