Saturday, April 25, 2015

Church BBQ, Huntsville

Sampled 4/25/15
On the way down I-45 from DFW to Houston for the third annual Houston BBQ Festival, we made a couple of stops in Huntsville.  One was closed, but Church BBQ was open and busy.  I remarked last year that they had some excellent brisket when we passed through and that their price of just $10/lb was about as cheap as I had seen for brisket recently.  Yes, they have gone up slightly, to $11.49, but the quality is still the same.  I grabbed 2 pounds to go and Scott had a 2 meat plate with ribs and brisket.  He was only able to finish half of his meal and had the rest for dinner later on.  I was fasting in anticipation of 23 BBQ samples the next day but I did have to sneak a bite.  My one bite had great moisture and smoke flavor and passed the pull apart test with flying colors.  A wonderful reminder in these days of $20/pound (or more) brisket that there are still BBQ bargains to be had.  I did not have a single bite of brisket in Houston that was as tasty as the one little sample I had in Huntsville.  I shall enjoy the rest of those 2 pounds over the next few days!

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