Monday, April 4, 2016

Brisket time!

Smoking 4/5/16
Our BBQ smoking usually coincides with good meat being on sale.  Albertson's had choice briskets on sale a couple of weeks ago but visits to the meat counter at off hours found none in residence.  So we got a rain check at two different stores and have 30 days to cash them at $1.88/lb.  Not a bad deal for choice Angus brisket.  This one is a 14 pounder.
After trimming off about 2 pounds of excess fat, I separated the point from the flat.  The reason we have to cut before smoking is our little bullet smoker won't quite hold a whole brisket.   I left about 1/4 inch of fat on the fatty side.
A little soy sauce, some salt and pepper and into the smoker they went, fat side up.  We put the flat on the lower rack above a water pan and the point went on the top rack.  Supposedly the top rack is a bit hotter.
After adding some soaked oak and pecan wood to the coals, off we go for 5 or 6 hours of heavy smoking.  I also mixed in some pecan hulls every now and then and they made some good smoke.  There was lots of fire tending for the next 6 hours, keeping the smoke flowing.

Halfway through, after a little over 6 hours of smoke, this is the result before wrapping in foil.

There's definitely some nice bark going on there.  Now into the oven, wrapped in foil, for another 6 hours at 225 degrees.
Here's the final product.  The flat came out perfect.  Good moisture and tenderness but a little lighter smoke flavor than I like.  The fat is melt in your mouth.
The point ended up a bit overdone.  It was difficult to slice it was so tender. It was a little smokier, maybe from being on the top rack.  It was also very moist with perfectly rendered fat.
We will eat it all up and will be doing a second one before our rain check coupon runs out!


  1. Even if it's not perfect it still gets in your belly. Nicely done!

  2. It's good enough it will all go away. My Mrs will do the next one and I am sure she will show me up big time.