Thursday, November 3, 2016

Winner, winner, brisket dinner!

Sometimes it pays to be lucky rather than good.  The photo above proves it can happen!  That's me with a FREE whole smoked brisket from Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin, courtesy of MCM and the Man Up Texas BBQ Blog.  Here's the story.

Back on October 18th, Drew and the guys at Man Up had one of their occasional game day giveaway contests.  Whoever could guess the closest to the final score for the Alabama/Texas A&M football match up would be the winner.  Now there are few people in the USA (and certainly in Texas) who know less about college football than me.  I could not name a single college football coach or player if my life depended on it.  I don't follow or watch college football, at all.  However the prize on this occasion was a whole smoked brisket from Micklethwait.  I had sampled their brisket and sausage a few times before at various BBQ festivals and always found their food to be excellent.  They have gotten great reviews by other bloggers and they were also on the short list for spots Scott and I need to sample at their home base.  It didn't cost me anything to try and that was an awesome prize, so why not?  Being of a scientific mind, I looked at the scores of the two teams against other opponents this year and used that to just guess at the outcome.  My guess of Alabama 34/TAMU17 was closest to the actual score of Alabama 33/TAMU 14.  I want to thank both of those teams for cooperating in this endeavor!

Drew e-mailed me the next day to let me know about my dumb luck and soon after the fine folks at Micklethwait contacted me about picking up my prize.  I arranged a pick up on November 3 and they had a beautiful 7 pound brisket wrapped and pre-chilled for me to bring back in the cooler.  However, since I was there, I also bought a full lunch to sample all the meats on the menu.  I was not disappointed, but that story will be in a separate post.

I separated the point from the flat and froze the point for eating later.  I'll be feasting on the flat this week.
Thanks again to Drew and the team at MCM for giving me an excuse for a great road trip and some delicious eating ahead.

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