Sunday, June 17, 2018

Birthright BBQ Festival, Dallas, 6/17/18

This was a fun little festival in a small Dallas park surrounded by green space with historic old buildings collected from around North Texas.  There were only a handful of pitmasters and restaurants in attendance, but the food was uniformly excellent and plentiful.  Four Corners Brewing provided cool refreshments to beat the heat and humidity.
The Mrs and I arrived about 20 minutes before opening and joined the line already formed outside the gates.  The gates opened right on time, at 1 pm, and we were off to find some smoked meats.
Our first stop was at Feges BBQ for some cabrito tacos.  Next up was Buxton Hall, who cooked up a couple of North Carolina style whole hogs.
Next up was Cattleack BBQ for some of their excellent brisket along with some beans and potato salad.  They included a nice slice of moist and lean brisket and my Mrs got some nice burnt ends.  She shared.  Misty and Todd knocked it out of the park, like they always do.  We went back for seconds, later.
Next up we decided to get in the long line to visit Aaron Franklin.  Aaron had joined forces with Leroy and Lewis BBQ to cook a half steer, cowboy style, for the event.  A trench full of hot coals, cinder blocks, and a metal grate were all they needed to make some fine BBQ.  As usual, Aaron Franklin created a very long line.  He visited with every patron and took photos with most of the folks at the festival, including Mrs O.
Our final BBQ stop was with Smokey John's for some of their tasty sausage.  They had actually hung their sausages in an old smokehouse at the park and smoked them right there on site.  They were delicious and we actually made a couple of return visits to their booth. 
We spent the rest of the evening drinking cold Four Corners beer, wandering around the grounds, and visiting with friends. This event sold out so I expect to be back again next year for more good BBQ in this lovely setting.

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