Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Super Brisket Poppers part 2

We enjoyed our brisket poppers on Sunday so much we decided to go for it again tonight.  However we changed up the recipe a bit.  First, I fried up the bacon in a pan and took the bacon out to drain.  Next I added a little butter to the bacon grease and stirred in half an onion to caramelize.  When the onions were good and greasy, I turned off the burner and added the chopped brisket to warm it up.
While the onions were cooking we sliced and seeded a few of those great big 3-4 inch jalapenos.
We added the mixture to the jalapeno shells as seen at the top photo.  Then added a thin layer of refried beans to keep the mixture in place, and added shredded cheese across the top.
Finally, we added the fried bacon on the top and had a mighty feast.  The crispy fresh jalapenos added a nice bite that was missing when we baked them on Sunday.  I think we like both methods, almost equally.  The big advantage is by not melting the cheese on a pan in the oven, you only have the bacon pan to clean up.  Slightly less messy, but just as yummy.

A great way to enjoy some overcooked brisket.

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