Saturday, September 22, 2018

Smoked Dallas 2018

We've been to all of these and they just get better and better.  For awhile it seemed that the fest might be renamed SOAKED Dallas, due to the heavy rains that were predicted.  I don't know if any of the cooks smoked on site this time, but if they did, they deserve Iron Man credit.  It poured Friday night.  Fortunately, the rain ended early Saturday.  We got the VIP tickets, like we always do, and we got there about 12:30 to stand in the short line.  Scott was first in line, we were about 20 back.
At 1 pm we were off to the BBQ races, trying to get through 17 BBQ joints during the golden hour.
We did our usual thing, grabbing 8 or so samples, headed to the VIP seating area, sampled those, then rushed off to grab some more.  Brisket and sausage were offered most often.  Only one rib was seen at the 17 booths.  Several offered brisket tacos, sausage tacos, or sliders.
We didn't have a bad bite all day. BBQ highlights were many, but I especially loved the brisket from Hutchins and Black's,
Sausage from Hutchins and Kreuz,
Louie Mueller's brisket slider,
Heim BBQ's bacon burnt ends and beef rib,
Cattleack's Que T Pie,
and some top notch banana pudding from Flores.
At 2 pm the gates opened to general admission folks and the lines swelled.  It was still easy to wander around and take a few more photos  before we headed out.  Another outstanding day of excellent BBQ at Smoked Dallas #5.  I'm looking forward to their first Fort Worth Fest in a few weeks.
More photos from the fest follow below.

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