Monday, June 23, 2014

Bob's BBQ, Henderson, Texas 6/20/14

Sampled 6/20/14 about 11 am
This was one of Scott's Texas Monthly top 50 spots and our first stop on Friday.  After the short scenic drive from Tyler, we arrived a bit before 11 am and found them already open.  After a friendly greeting inside,  I opted for a 3 meat plate with hot boudin instead of sausage.  I know boudin is NOT bbq, but the sausage in the warming pan looked commercial and unappetizing so I tried to go with the local product.  We were a bit surprised when the meat went into a microwave for warming.  Hmmmm.  That was a first but not the last time we would see that today.  The brisket was straight roast beef tasting with zero smoke flavor.  We had the sneaky suspicion it was left over from the previous day, hence the microwave zap.  The ribs were much better, tender and moist but with no smoke flavor.  The boudin was not for me.  Nice spice but too much filler.  The highlight of the meal to me was the baked beans which were delicious with small bits of brisket. 

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