Monday, June 23, 2014

Country Tavern BBQ, Kilgore, Texas 6/20/14

sampled 6/20/14 about 1:30 pm
Another 2008 TM top 50 spot on Scott's hit list.  I had sampled their food at a couple of Texas Monthly BBQ fests down in Austin and enjoyed their ribs.  Outside the parking lot was packed and we parked on the grass over by the driveway.  We found out later they had a big meeting in the back room and that accounted for all the cars in the lot.  Inside the room is dark and looks like a country bar.  This is a sit down restaurant style joint with waitresses that take your order and food that comes from the back.  After a short wait my 3 meat plate arrived and this is what we saw.
The brisket had a lite smoke flavor but crumbled when you tried to pick up a slice.  Plenty of moisture though and some nice tasting brisket.  The ribs were candy ribs with a heavy coating of sweet sticky sauce.  There was no smoke flavor but the sauce may have covered it up.  The ribs were tender and moist with a perfect bite mark, and easily the high point of this meal.  The jalapeno cheese sausage came across more as a cheesy hot dog flavor.  No spice was apparent.  The meal ended with our waitress bringing us some warm towels to clean the sticky mess left on our hands by those tasty ribs.  A very welcome touch.

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