Monday, June 23, 2014

Ribmasters, Murchison, Texas 6/21/14

sampled 6/21/14 about 11 am
Another place we came across on the road between Tyler and Athens and our first stop on our second full day of the trip.  It was actually just a little before 11 am opening but the door was open and we wandered in.  The walls are decorated from stem to stern with laser printed photos of BBQ and cowboy movie stars from all over.  I ordered a two meat plate of ribs and brisket with no sides.  The waitress told me that they MUST bring me one side so I said, OK, make it tater salad.  After what seemed like a long wait, the plate arrived and the ribs did indeed look nice.  There was a sweet candy glaze and they bit well with good tenderness and moisture.  The brisket was another matter.  It was cut very thin but was still tough.  There was zero smoke flavor in either item.
Apparently this is a small chain with 2 or 3 locations.  A quick perusal of the interwebs finds other editions in Bullard and Whitehouse.  If you look around online you will find they even have a rib eating contest.  The current winner gnawed 31 bones.  Impressive enough that I won't give it a go, but those were some pretty good ribs.   Service was pretty slow.

Update 2015
This joint is now Chick's BBQ and has new owners.

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