Monday, June 23, 2014

Eat-A-Bite BBQ, Kilgore, Texas, 6/20/14

Sampled 6/20/14
As we tooled along the road headed for another Texas Monthly top 50 joint, we spied this little joint, deployed the bbq chutes, and made the emergency bbq turn for a sample.  Inside the tiny little shed we found the proprietor alone enjoying a DVD of an old Audie Murphy cowboy movie.  After a friendly welcome he set about preparing our que including my 2 meat plate of brisket and ribs.  Once again we heard the familiar hum of a microwave and the "ding" of completion.  Hmmmmm, again.  The brisket had been cut super thin but was still tough and had no smoke flavor.  The ribs were better, just straight moist pork spare ribs.  I could not detect any rub but I know it was there.  Sides were average.  When I asked the boss how he got his ribs so tender he had a great answer.  "I just put the rub on them, put them in the smoker, and let it do all the work."  He said this joint had been open since 1980 and he had learned the business from his father.  A good average Texas BBQ joint, but I suspect the brisket may have been leftover's from the previous day.

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