Monday, June 23, 2014

Crazy Bob's BBQ, Kilgore, Texas 6/20/14

Sampled 6/20/14 about 3 pm
After a visit to the East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College, we headed out on our next quest and stumbled across this place along the way.  Apparently this is a small chain because we saw another off of I-20 later in our travels and according to Facebook there is another in Liberty City with the same wild artwork.  We wandered in to find the lone boss man cutting meat for a big family order and we waited a bit, hearing many apologies along the way.  Not a problem.  Good stuff is worth waiting for, right?  When we finally got our turn we ordered a half pound of brisket and a couple of spare ribs, just to sample.  When he pulled out a beautiful fresh brisket I almost doubled our brisket order, but didn't.  Big mistake.  Both the ribs and brisket were excellent and not a microwave in sight!!  The brisket had a lite smoke flavor but was very moist and tender, but held together just enough to do well in a pull apart test.  The ribs left a good bite mark, were tender and moist, but had no smoke flavor.  There were big Sysco boxes in the back so we avoided the sides.  Still, not bad for a Q joint in an old gas station.

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