Monday, June 23, 2014

Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, Tyler, 6/19/14

sampled about 7 pm 6/19/14

After a quick shower to remove my afternoon fishing "stank", we moseyed down to Stanley's for our first big meal of the trip.  It was a great start.  This was our second visit to Stanley's but the first time we were able to have a sit down dinner.  We had also eaten their food several times at various festivals, most recently the Pitmaster's Picnic in Dallas.  I went for the 4 meat plate and enjoyed every bit of it as you can see from the photo below.  I asked the guy at the cash register if they made their own hot links and he gave a great Beavis impersonation.  "Uhhhhhhhhhh."  So I stuck with the trinity and turkey.  The brisket was overcooked and crumbly but still had plenty of moisture and smoke flavor.  You just couldn't pick up a slice without it crumbling to pieces.  The ribs were nice, well cooked, and left a textbook bite mark.  Not much smoke flavor in the ribs but that was made up for by a nice sweet glaze.  The sausage and turkey were average without much smoke flavor but moist and with good flavor.

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