Monday, June 23, 2014

Ezell's BBQ, Marshall, Texas 6/20/14

sampled about 4 pm 6/20/14
This is a spot Scott has told me about many times as his favorite in Marshall.  He likes it as much for the rundown shack as the food.  The shack is certainly rundown, in fact it looks like it is about to fall down.  We discovered that if you want brisket in Marshall you'd better get there before 4 pm.  The customer before us got the very last of the brisket.  We ordered a few ribs to go and wandered out to the back of my truck to taste.  Sorry Scott, that was just a nasty rib.  I spit out my one bite.  It definitely suffered greatly from holding issues as the outside was tough as leather and the inside was just mush.  Yuck.  Scott swears the brisket there is great. 

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