Monday, June 23, 2014

Riverport BBQ, Jefferson, Texas 6/20/14

sampled about 6 pm, 6/20/14
Another one of Scott's top 50 joints and another place we had sampled at the recent Red Dirt Festival in Tyler and at the Pitmaster's Picnic in Dallas.  They had a $12.99 special on the 3 meat plate so I got that with no sides.  Since I skipped the sides they gave me my sweet tea for free, which I thought was nice.  Definitely a bargain, especially since this was the best meal I had on the whole trip.  The brisket had deep smoke flavor and the fat was well rendered to melt in your mouth status.  The pull apart test was spot on and the brisket was tender and moist.  The ribs were equally nice but without any smoke flavor.  Sausage was average.  Scott liked the brisket so much he got an extra pound to go.  The box they brought out was simply amazing.  Click to enlarge for the full effect.  That was a sight to behold. 
Pitmaster Stephen Joseph recognized us from Red Dirt and Pitmasters Picnic (that was a first) and he stopped by to visit a bit.  We had a nice BBQ chat and had a chance to thank him in person for the great food.  Scott and I agreed this was the best food we had on this trip out of 17 places sampled.

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