Monday, June 23, 2014

Pat Gee's BBQ, near Tyler , Texas 6/22/14

sampled around 11:45 am, 6/22/14
This joint won the prize for funkiness and I felt it was the perfect BBQ juke joint.  All they needed was some Elmore James on the jukebox, but there was no jukebox.  The pit room was adjacent to the dining area so anytime they went to get meat the place was flooded with smoke.  It smelled like BBQ in there. 
I got a 3 meat plate with hot link and found the brisket to be very tough and chewy.  The ribs were better and had decent smoke flavor.  With all the smoke in the dining room I bet my shoes had good smoke flavor, too.  The hot link had been cooked to crispy and was excellent.  Just the way I like 'em.  Just enough spice and a crispy crust on the outside.  My food picture here was not too good.  My camera was probably confused by the smoke.

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