Monday, June 23, 2014

Stoker's BBQ and Soul Food, Marshall, Texas 6/20/14

sampled about 4:30 pm 6/20/14
We passed this shack on the way to Ezell's and doubled back to give them a shot.  We were greeted inside by two nice ladies who informed us they too were out of brisket and they only had about half a rack of ribs left.  We could see them on the warming tray behind and they looked like nice ribs so we closed down their BBQ day at 4:30 pm.  They still had lots of soul food options for following customers.  We didn't ask, but best guess is this used to be Jay's BBQ, based by the inside wall art, which I just loved.  Jay chasing some pigs with a hatchet, Jay bulldogging a steer wearing his chef's hat.  I hope they leave that art up because it is just great.  The ribs we had were pretty good, too.  They had an awesome rub on the outside that gave a unique flavor to their ribs.  They were just a bit chewy after sitting under the warming light  but they still had good moisture and left a decent bite mark.  Dang, I wish they had not run out of brisket. Scott can go to Ezell's if he wants, I'll go here.

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