Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hawg's BBQ, Emory, Texas

sampled 8/5/10 about 11 am
location: just east of Emory on TX 515

I passed by this little joint once before on one of my fishing trips, but not during the three days they are open, Thurs- Sat. I planned a little better this trip and caught them just after opening on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the proprietor told me he would not have any ribs ready til later in the day as he sold few on Thursday and they are mostly a Friday/Saturday item. Darn. I made due with a generous 2 meat plate which was only $7.75.

I probably got the first slices off a fresh brisket and they were mighty tasty. Perfect tenderness and moistness, definitely plastic fork tender. There was a decent smoke ring but just a hint of smoke flavor. Great meat flavor, though. Certainly enough smoke to qualify as good Q. The sausage was excellent. Sort of a medium grind with nice flavor but not at all spicy. A wonderful change from the "store bought" most little Q joints (and some bigger ones) seem to serve. The casing was an easy chew and the slight coarseness of the grind really brought out the flavor. I enjoyed the sausage, even though I usually like it spicy. I need to ask them about that sausage on my next trip and I for sure need to sample some ribs.

The sides were nice and different from those you get most spots. The potato salad was chunky with mayo base and a sprinkling of fresh chives and bacon. The pinto beans had a touch of spice and smoke with bits of brisket crumbled within. Both were way better than your average sides.

The sauce was super thick tomato base with a touch of spice and lots of smoke flavor. I liked it, too.

Overall, I think this place is a find and someplace I look forward to sampling again, when they have ribs!!

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