Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feedstore BBQ & More, Southlake, Texas

Visited 8/31/10 about 2:30 pm

I passed this joint on the way to another appointment and a made a mental note of its location for a return visit.  I was the lone customer at this off hour and they were tidying up the extra room from a big lunch business.   I ordered up my usual 3 meat plate, brisket, ribs and sausage, with the sausage being the Feedstore premium link.  I should have asked if they made their jalapeno sausage and tried that, but I didn't.  Their fine grind premium link was pretty good, but had no smoke flavor.  It had more of a ham taste than any other sausage I have had.  The casing was just right and the flavor was definitely original.  I may have to return just to see about that jalapeno sausage.  The brisket was thinly sliced with scant evidence of a smoke ring and zero smoke flavor.  Moisture and tenderness were good, but it was pretty much just thinly sliced roast beef to my taste buds.  This is the kind of brisket that sauce is made for.  The ribs were probably the meat highlight.  Moisture and tenderness were right on. The meat pulled easily from the bone but wasn't falling off. There was a nice sweet bark that added just a bit of flavor, however there was no evidence of smoke.  I got one inside bone and a rib tip and the tip was just a tad chewy.  I enjoyed both ribs, though. 

They have 2 sauces available, a mild and a spicy.  The mild reminded me a lot of City Market in Luling, with a heavy mustard content, however it was not as heavy on the mustard as Luling.  I liked it better than City Market's sauce and it helped out the bland brisket considerably.    The spicy sauce was a deeper red and I seemed to detect some chipolte pepper content.  It was good and spicy.

The sides were both above average.  The tater salad was a nice creamy mustard base with bits of onions and sweet pickle sprinkled within.  The mac and cheese had an extra creamy base and was about as good as mac and cheese can get.  Bravo!

I did have to take a picture of a framed poster they had on the wall.  Sort of the dogs playing poker painting, only it is all Republicans!  I have no doubt Nixon has an ace up his sleeve and Teddy Roosevelt will shoot him when he finds out!

If I get back that way I will have to check out that jalapeno sausage.

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  1. Where exactly is this place, Don? Maybe you could give the physical address in the review.
    Love the "Republican Presidents Playing Cards" painting. It almost makes them seem warm and fuzzy.

  2. Yeah, I should probably do better about pointing out locations, at least to the good ones. Most are easily found through google. This one had a website, I'll go back and add that.