Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cole's Bar B Q, Fairfield, Texas

 visited 9/25/10 about 5:30 pm

When we struck out on all but one joint in Groesback and Mexia, we decided to make a sidetrip over to Fairfield to hit a joint we had seen a sign for on I-45.  Now normally, we don't go looking for BBQ inside gas stations, but seeing the stacks of wood outside and remembering our nice meal at Casstevens Diamond Shamrock in Lillian, we decided to take the plunge.  Doh!  Once again, being dummies, we forgot to ask for sauce on the side and got a plate full of soaked meat.  The brisket was tough and bordered on inedible.  The rib I had was very tender and moist, but all I could taste was the sauce, which was not what I wanted to taste.  Scott had less sauce on his rib and reported it had little flavor.  Sides were very average.

Scott claimed this was further proof of his adage against freeway BBQ and we quickly moved off in search of better things.


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