Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Barn BBQ,, Colleyville, Texas

Sampled 9/1/10 about 2:30 pm

This is another one of those places I have driven by many times, but never had an occasion to stop.  Well, I can cross it off my list.

The brisket was moist and tender but zero smoke flavor.  It definitely needed sauce.  The ribs were tender but a bit dry with no smoke flavor or discernible bark.  In fact, if I hadn't had a bone in my hand I would swear it tasted like pork tenderloin cooked in a crockpot.  Wait, even with a bone in my hand, that's what it tasted like!  I knew better than to order my usual sausage so I opted for the smoked chicken as my third meat.  False advertising!  There was no smoke flavor to be found and no discernible flavor from the rub.  It was very moist and tender chicken, it just tasted like it had been baked low and slow, not smoked.  The green beans were flavorless and the tater salad was average. 

They had a sweet and a mild sauce to choose from and I sampled both.  The sweet sauce seemed to have a lot of honey in it and the spicy sauce had a good kick, but had too much vinegar to my taste.  I ended up combining the two into a pretty decent sauce and it went well with my roast beef brisket.

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